So, who was Krishna?

Martians had made contact in the similar fashion earlier too. Only this time, it was after many years. The atmosphere layer in Mars had bettered and the living situations had improved a lot. They started restoring the destruction-struck places now and also started working on technologies to avoid similar tragedies if it should ever arise. But all this while, they almost abandoned Earth. Generations passed in there and they were bereft of all the technological advancements that Mars had achieved. Soon, the Martians were remembered only in legends as “people who came in flying machines”.

Krishna was the current leader of Project Earth that was started centuries ago. After the establishment of colony on Earth, Krishna used to frequent Dwarka for some years. Now, he was in his final days and he wanted to make a visit before he breathed his last. So, he came to Earth and he brought reinforcements filled with modern gadgets that could help the Earthlings to keep themselves safe. Krishna also wanted to bring some resources to help create laboratories but he wasn’t permitted by the United Alliance as they were unwilling to spend more money on their now-futile colony.

Krishna was given a ceremonious welcome with garlands made from marigold flowers. He sat with the leader of the establishment to discuss their fate. Both of them shared stories of each other’s lands. Dwarka’s leader Daksha explained how the wild animals were creating life hell for them and how their tools were not capable enough for lions or elephants.

The next few days passed where people would come to Krishna and express their problems which he would solve without any delay. He would either have a solution or a tool in his ship to help the person. The children realized that all the things their grandparents had told about him were true. He had magical tools that he would use to help them. He was indeed God.


The GODs are here

People started moving towards the coast and rivers. It had been nearly 80 years(Earth years were smaller than those of Mars) since Mars had last made contact and since they had been split from the ones going to Atlantis. Population had increased a bit and people had become earthlings to the core. They divided into groups and split to explore other areas. Their supplies were over long back and they had adapted completely to rely on the nature of Earth. They loved the fact that Earth’s lands were very fertile. They learned the art of farming which was lost to Mars centuries ago where they grew food in other artificial ways that were bereft of the energy that naturally grown food had.

It was evening in Dwarka. Sun had just crossed the horizon and was about to be lost in the vast expanse of the universe for the next 10 hours. Kids were near the fountains, playing. They were splashing water at each other. Suddenly, they saw a bright beam of light coming from the sky. They went and hid under the bushes to avoid being seen. The beam started getting brighter. The sound of their landing was even more powerful than that of a waterfall nearby. The kids started following this gigantic – fire bearing saucer into the forests. Trees started burning up and within no time, saucer was on the ground. Kids stayed hidden and were observing the Unidentified Flying Object when its gate splashed open. A bright blue light started coming from the inside when suddenly a tall man came out of it. His face was not visible because of the heavily illuminated background. However, the light gave him a bright halo that distinguished his look from all the elders they had ever witnessed. The visual was similar to the characters in the stories their grandparents told them about when they used to make frequent visits till they finally stopped coming. One kid got up and started moving towards the man. The others tried stopping him and asked whether he knew who this man was. He nodded and said “He is Krishna“.

The Alien Land – Earth

The astronauts along with the food supply were airlifted to the spaceport. Shuttles were ready and as the time arrived, boosters lifted them out of their already diminishing atmosphere. After 6 months(Mars months), they finally came close to the Bright Blue planet they used to send robots and drones to. The shuttles started assembling into two groups of 20 which had to be sent into two distinct destinations. They called them “Dwarka” and “Atlantis“.

They got out and remained alerted to scuttle inside if something dangerous comes up. They knew about the presence of animals in the areas. So, they brought tools to hunt them down if anyone comes near. They were aware of the fact that this planet had a lot of oxygen and no poisonous air in it but were afraid to try it out. Nonetheless, after a couple of hours, they gathered enough courage to pull out their masks. Voila! This was the freshest air they had ever been in.

Project GOD

“Mayday! Mayday!”, both the pilots screamed their guts out. They had been sent to examine a land near the northern polar cap on reports of distress signals. While on their way, they saw multiple tornadoes ahead and they planned to revert to their camp when got engulfed by another tornado originating beneath them.

The president of United Alliance had invited all the leaders of major defense and space bodies. The objective of the meeting read “To discuss the viability of Project GOD“.

The International Mars Space Society(IMSS) had come up with all the protocols to be followed during the program and had also made decisions on the role that every organisation had to play. Space Shuttles were being readied at a much faster pace now. The whole project had been running for the past 15 years but was known to only the selected few. Meat and other edible goods were packed with preservatives to store for years. Selected people were being tested on their tolerance to adverse environmental conditions in prep for their mission. One person went up to the lead scientist and asked, “Where do you plan to send us?”.

He replied, “Earth”.

Obliteration of Mars

The president of International Alliance receives a notification about a call on hold terming it to be very important. It was from the director of the World Environment Control Authority(WECA). “Mr. President, we have gathered more than a thousand reports of people dying from suffocation in open air around the world. It’s happening, sir ”

The past few years have been very difficult for some people around the globe. Mars Meteorological Department had reported last year about holes in the atmosphere. UV rays penetration had already consumed lives of many birds and has started taking its wrath on cattle and plants. Not only that they have been rendered inedible because of the spreading cancer but also had stopped the farm works. Humans were affected too but there are other protection measures that they had for themselves and the effect was not that substantial.

In the past week, several places have reported lack of oxygen in open fields. Oxygen content from across the globe is reducing. As a result of depleting atmosphere layer, mercury levels are reaching extreme lows. Is this the end of Mars?


This is a timeline coverage of destruction of life on Mars and the establishment of humanity on Earth. What they say is true: Humanity is an Aliens’ PROJECT. All the Gods that we know are the people who planted us on this planet when their own was on the brink of extinction. Mars was sucked up of its life and it ended up becoming uninhabitable.

History became legend. Legend became Myth. And many religions were thus born.

Let’s find out what really happened.